The Zernet Story

"The best way to save energy? Stop wasting it."

Back when nobody else was thinking about the growing demand for power throughout Asia, Zernet Co-Founders Bernard Emby and N. Gunananthan were already taking action. While big companies tailor conservation solutions mainly for large commercial buildings, Zernet’s mission is to change how society meets the fastest growing segment of power consumption: air conditioning. Now with the prevalence of IoT devices, it’s finally possible for YOU to make a real difference!

The Executive Team

Guna N.Gunananthan

• A seasoned entrepreneur, financial and operations professional

• Experienced in financial management

Bernard Bernard Emby

• A highly experienced entrepreneur and electrical industry expert with over 20 years experience

• A leader in energy efficiency products for the utility and consumer industries

Jern Jern Ern Chuah
Chief Intellectual Property Advisor to the Board

• One of the leading intellectual property practitioners in asia pacific with over 20 years experience in patents and intellectual property strategy