Integrate Smart AC Into Your Smart Home

What’s even better than the cutting edge convenience of a smart home? Added comfort and savings when you integrate smart AC into your system!

How do you know when you have a “smart home?” Simple – when you can control devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or radio frequency (RF) to improve comfort, safety and convenience.

A smart home integrates, controls, automates and optimizes everyday functions such as temperature, lighting, security, and entertainment.

Today’s smart home connectivity offers you three different options for controlling those everyday functions:

Remote Command
Remote command from your phone, tablet or computer
Timed Schedules
Timed schedules that you set in advance
Automated Responses
Automated responses to specific conditions that may arise

Thanks to creative product advances, the list of devices you can connect to a smart home “hub” continues to grow:

  • Smart air conditioning
  • Motion & light sensors (already built into every Zernet Smart AC Controller)
  • Smart power strips to control any electrical device
  • Lighting systems
  • Security & Camera systems
    • Doorbells and locks
    • Entryway cameras
    • Window/door sensors
    • Baby monitors
  • Entertainment audio/video systems
  • TV’s & computers
  • Robotic vacuums
  • Leak detectors
  • Smart kitchen appliances
We’ve come a long way from the humble beginnings of timers to light our homes while we were off on holiday. Now you can turn on your smart air conditioner before you get home from work, be notified when your housekeeper locks the door on the way out, or see who is at your door with a glance at your smartphone.

Integrate Smart AC into a Smart Home

Integrating Smart AC is about more than just turning your phone into a remote control for your smart air conditioner. Sure, that’s helpful when you forget to turn off the AC. Or when you are leaving a restaurant and want to come home to a cool bedroom. However, a Zernet Smart AC Controller can do much more than that:

  • Smart Sensors. All Zernet controllers include motion and light sensors. This provides the option to turn the AC on when someone arrives in a room, save energy when nobody is there, or scale back the AC when the sun goes down.

  • Smart Data. Zernet controllers gather and store information about how and when your AC is used. The Zernet app for iOS and Android delivers intuitive reports so you can quickly see where your power (and money) is going and tracks actual power use and cost for every connected AC unit in real time.

  • Smart Savings. This information helps pinpoint exactly where and how you may want to conserve energy. You can set temperature limits by room, create power saving schedules, or use the SmartSleep™ mode to improve comfort and prevent overcooling in bedrooms.

Zernet Controller
“Do I Need a Gateway?”

Here’s another great feature of the Zernet Smart AC Controller – although it can function as part of a smart system, it doesn’t require one. That’s right – it can function independently of a smart gateway, so you can get started with smart ac for even less than you thought.

So what’s stopping you from making air conditioning part of your smart home or smart office?

Check out the assortment of smart AC products from Zernet and incorporate comfort, convenience and energy savings in your home or office!

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