Smart AC for Families

Zernet AC control devices affordably turn every home AC unit into a smart air conditioner. Families now have a way to monitor usage in every room, set temperature limits and know precisely where to save energy.

You see it all the time. Children at play, running in and out of the house leaving doors open. Meanwhile, the air conditioning runs full blast. Sometimes, it feels like you’re paying to cool the whole neighbourhood!

Thanks to Zernet’s affordable technology, every home can now have smart AC. For families, this means smart aircon that saves energy, reduces cost and yet improves comfort throughout the home.

How Smart AC's Can Help Families Save Energy

When a Zernet controller is installed, a regular air conditioner can be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone – that’s the difference between regular aircon and smart aircon. Families, more than anyone, benefit from smart AC. For families, these advantages include:
Energy Saving Sensors
Energy Saving Sensors

Zernet pioneering technology means smart air conditioning for families, not rooms. At your discretion, aircon can be reduced when motion sensors show no one in the room or when lights are turned out.

And optional smart sensors can alert you or adjust AC automatically when doors or windows are left open.
Room by room control
Room by Room Control

Does your teenager fantasize about arctic expeditions? That might explain why they turn the AC as low as possible and then burrow under the covers.

Uncontrolled aircon use wastes energy, drives up utility bills, and damages the environment. For families, Smart AC control provides the answer, giving parents the choice to set temperature limits in each room to avoid costly overuse.

And the smart aircon scheduling features can adjust settings to match bedtimes automatically. Then, in the morning, Smart Sleep™ mode can bring the temperature up – so there’s no more reason to hide beneath blankets and oversleep.

Utility Cost and Stats in Real Time
Utility Cost and Stats in Real Time

A monthly utility bill doesn’t give any clue about which rooms are using more AC than others. But with Zernet, families can see usage and cost for every connected AC unit - as it’s happening! Convenient graphs and reports show you at a glance where your biggest savings can be harvested.
Pre-Cooling Before You Arrive
Pre-Cooling Before You Arrive

When returning home with tired children, the last thing you want to face is a hot home. Until now your only choice was to leave the AC running the whole time you were gone.

With smart aircon, families open the door to a cool breeze. Adjusting the AC from your smartphone lets you cool the home BEFORE you arrive. Instead of running for the AC remote as soon as you walk in, now you can enjoy your home as soon as you get inside.