Smart AC through the IoT

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is all about improving your life by connecting everyday devices to give you better information and control. In the case of Smart AC, IoT sharing means improved convenience, comfort and savings!

Just what is the Internet of “Things?”

Simply put, the IoT is about using the internet to give us access from anywhere to the things in our life – everyday objects such as cameras, doorbells, locks, refrigerators, baby monitors and yes, even your smart air conditioner. “Internet of things” connectivity simply requires:

(1) an internet signal (2) sensors built into the “thing” (3) sharing data that sensors collect about the present condition of the “thing” (4) OPTIONAL (but ideal): control over the “thing” by a remote user (that’s you).

Together, these give you remote control from anywhere and something much more important: FREEDOM!

The IoT lets you program or schedule the things in your life to do what you want, when you want it, but WITHOUT requiring you to always be available to press a button and make it happen. For example, with smart AC, IoT lets you decide in advance what your air conditioner will do under various circumstances – and then put it out of your mind!

Smart AC IoT Benefits

With a smart air conditioner, IoT access does much, much more than just turning your phone into another AC remote you can carry with you.

Specifically, a Zernet controller not only connects your regular split-system AC unit to the internet, it lets you:

  • Change AC settings via smartphone no matter where you are
  • Manage AC after leaving the house
  • Cool any room before you arrive home
  • Set 7-day schedules & timers to match your daily life
  • Automatically power down AC after everyone leaves a room
  • Respond to open doors or windows1
  • Capture and organize data about use patterns
  • View charts and reports about real-time cost
  • Improve usage to save up to 40% on AC electric costs
  • Monitor and set usage limits by room to prevent overuse
  • Activate parental controls
  • 1 Requires optional door/window sensor

Smart AC and Amazon Alexa, Google Home

Zernet smart AC will soon be including voice integration with any smart home hub ecosystem: Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa (such as the Amazon Echo and Dot). Available 2019