Zernet App

Control cooling and cost from anywhere.

Improve your comfort and save energy to reduce your electric bills!

Our smart ac app makes air conditioning respond to your commands via smartphone no matter where you are.

Works for any split system AC unit with a Zernet controller installed.

The Zernet smart air con application empowers you to:

Change AC settings from anywhere.
Monitor temperature and humidity in real time.
Set 7-day schedules & timers.
Turn AC off if you forgot before leaving the house.
Cool any room before you arrive home.
Monitor and set usage limits by room to prevent overuse.
Activate parental controls.
Authorize control for guests, family, help or co-workers.
Discover just where to conserve, with real-time charts and cost per aircon device.
The smart aircon application can also alert you when:

  • Your system turns on when someone arrives or turns off when everybody leaves.
  • Temperature or humidity changes are detected
  • Settings are changed by someone in the room
  • AC is left on in empty rooms
  • Doors or windows are left open1
1 when paired with optional sensors.


  • Google Home
  • Amazon Alexa (Echo and Dot)
  • iOS – Home – Apple