What are the Benefits of Smart Air Conditioners?

So what makes an air conditioner “smart?” The ability to control it from anywhere in the world, plus programmable features that reduce energy cost, improving comfort, and maximize convenience. Is now the time to make smart AC part of your internet-connected home?

Chances are, right now you already have most of the technology needed to enjoy the benefits of smart air-con in your home or office:

Wifi Installed

A smart phone (or tablet or computer) with web access

An air conditioner with a remote control

Now all you need to enjoy the benefits of smart AC is a Zernet Controller that connects it all together! A Zernet Controller will give you all the benefits of a programmable thermostat plus intelligent features you may never have envisioned.

Let’s take a quick look at everything you can expect.

The Various Benefits of Smart Aircon

forgot to turn off air cond
Have you ever left for work and forgot to turn off the aircon?
pre-cooled bedroom
Or wished you could come home to a pre-cooled bedroom?
Control your power bill
Maybe you just want to limit the arctic temperatures your teenager enjoys that are surging your power bill.

Well then, you’re going to love the benefits of smart air conditioning!

Smart AC Benefit #1 - CONVENIENCE

  • Turn off the unit AFTER you leave home (for those times when you forget)
  • Control every AC unit from your couch – no need to go racing room-to-room changing settings.
  • Set 7-day schedules & timers that adjust AC according to your lifestyle.
  • Override a schedule via the smartphone app or from any computer.
  • Optional hand-held remote – for guests, help or children without a smartphone. The remote works from any room via RF so there’s no need to point it directly at the AC unit. Even works through walls and around corners.
  • In-wall installation1 means a direct power supply – no batteries to replace and no unsightly wires.
  • Control and manage multiple properties, sites, buildings or rooms all from the same app.

  • 1 Installation by a wiring professional is recommended.

Smart AC Benefit #2 - COMFORT

  • Pre-cool rooms before you arrive – without running AC for hours while you’re away.
  • Automatically raise bedroom temperature BEFORE it’s time to wake up.
  • SmartSleep Mode conforms to your sleep pattern for maximum comfort the whole night through.

Smart AC Benefit #3 - COST SAVINGS

  • Lower costs by not overcooling your environment.
  • Turn AC off if you forgot before leaving the house.
  • Stop cooling empty rooms. Built-in motion sensors can power down aircon once everybody leaves, or alert you via smartphone.
  • If a door or window is left open, set back the AC automatically.2
  • Specify usage limits by room to prevent overuse.
  • Set parental controls.
  • Discover just where to conserve, with real-time charts and cost per aircon device.
  • Track historical energy use and easily export the data.
  • Reveal what’s happening INSIDE your aircon unit to optimize performance.
  • Facility managers can control costs by setting temperature limits and hours of use for every room.

    2 when paired with optional sensors.

Smart Aircon Benefits COMING NEXT to Zernet

  • Voice integration with any smart home hub ecosystem: Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa (such as the Amazon Echo and Dot). Available 2019
  • Performance optimization: automatically analyze fluctuations in power use and predict maintenance needs to save on downtime and repairs. Available 2019

Enjoy all the benefits of smart air conditioning today!

Learn more about Zernet’s assortment of smart AC products.