Zernet Controller – the “Engine” of the Zernet system

The Zernet Controller is 230VAC powered and installs into a standard British wall box. It controls all major AC’s via a library of stored infrared codes, which are transmitted to an AC to switch it on or off and change modes. The Controller measures AC power use and can accurately determine AC status. The Controller includes a number of energy saving features such as motion sensor, light level sensor and scheduling.

A WiFi connection to a router allows the Controller to connect to the Zernet portal and to smart device Apps.

One Controller controls one split system AC and there is no practical limit to the number of Controllers in your system.

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Smart air conditioner controller

Changing the way split air conditioners are managed.

Now you have the power to do so much more than adjust temperature settings remotely.

Zernet is the most advanced smart air con controller that reveals EXACTLY what impact AC is having on your total power usage and cost.

And you’ll love its aesthetic appeal in your home.

Zernet smart aircon controller benefits


Offers complete climate control and lower costs – without overcooling your environment.
Cool any room before you arrive home for comfort without waiting.
Turn AC off if you forgot before leaving the house.
Control every ac unit in your home or office.
Set usage limits by room to prevent overuse.
Track historical energy use and easily export the data.
Set schedules or change AC settings from anywhere.
Built-in motion sensors can power down aircon in empty rooms
Reveal what’s happening INSIDE your aircon unit to optimize performance.
Discover just where to conserve, with real-time charts and cost per aircon device.
Facility managers control costs by setting temperature limits and hours of use for every room.
Control and manage multiple properties, sites, buildings or rooms all from the same app.

Zernet Conditional Control lets you specify how your AC responds when:

You're close to getting home.
Everybody leaves a room
A door or window is left open1

1 when paired with optional sensors.
SmartSleep Mode conforms to your sleep pattern for maximum comfort the whole night through, ending the hot/cold roller coaster ride common in most bedrooms.
It’s time to wake up.


Cool your home before you arrive.
Turn off AC when nobody is home.
The optional zernet remote overcomes the line-of-sight limits of traditional IR remotes. It even works through walls.
Zernet communicates with you through WiFi giving you control over comfort and cost from anywhere – via the smartphone app or secure access from any computer.
Zernet is accessed by, but not dependent on, your smartphone. You and visitors can still use a familiar handheld remote.
In-wall installation2 means direct power supply, no batteries to replace and no unsightly wires.

2 Installation by a wiring professional is recommended.

  • Voice integration with any smart home hub ecosystem: Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa (such as the Amazon Echo and Dot). Available 2019
  • Performance optimization: automatically analyze fluctuations in power use and predict maintenance needs to save on downtime and repairs. Available 2019