Zernet Remote

"Please stay seated."

Standing up to change AC settings is over.

With the handheld Zernet smart ac remote control, you can adjust its paired AC unit from anywhere inside. Even around corners. Even through walls. How? By using ears instead of eyes.

Our AC remote uses an RF signal (radio frequency) instead of an IR (infrared) signal.

Standard remotes that come with each split system AC unit rely on old-fashioned IR technology. You have to point the remote directly at the AC. If it can’t “see” the signal, it doesn’t work.

That’s why we designed the Zernet smart aircon remote control to function from anywhere inside the home . It pairs with any single Zernet controller you have installed (required).

Naturally, you can still control Zernet using your smartphone app, too. But why get up if it’s not right next to you?

And what about your guests, children or seniors who don’t use such devices?

This remote makes smart AC smart for everyone! Get one for every room.

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