Is Smart AC for Me?

If there’s one internet-connected device that will contribute most to your comfort, it has to be smart air conditioning. So who uses it? Is smart AC for everyone? And how will you know when to use smart AC and convert your traditional air conditioning unit?

Smart AC for Everyone

If you’re living where it’s warm – or REALLY HOT like the tropics – then air conditioning makes it possible to sleep soundly, be more productive and even enjoy your leisure time more. Once a ‘luxury,’ our modern lives now make AC a necessity to accomplish our busy schedules.

And if you’re in Southeast Asia, chances are your AC is a wall-mount split-system unit (half inside, half outside the wall) with a remote control. Perfect! That’s the ideal situation to get the most out of smart air con.

But is smart AC for everyone? Understanding WHEN to use smart air conditioning will help you decide the answer for yourself.

When to Use Smart AC

So when does it makes sense to convert your traditional air conditioner to smart AC? Using a Zernet Smart AC Controller will make the most difference in your life when you want to improve comfort, convenience and cost.


  • Pre-cool rooms before you arrive.
  • Automatically raise bedroom temperature BEFORE it’s time to wake up.
  • SmartSleep Mode conforms to your sleep pattern for maximum comfort. No more hot-cold roller coaster ride the whole night through.
  • Create pre-sets that tailor each room to its intended use.


  • Turn off the unit AFTER you leave home (for those times when you forget)
  • Control every AC unit from your couch – no need to go racing room-to-room changing settings.
  • Set 7-day schedules & timers that adjust AC according to your lifestyle.
  • Override a schedule via the smartphone app or secure access from any computer.
  • Control and manage multiple properties, sites, buildings or rooms all from the same app.
  • Optional hand-held remote – for guests, help or children without a smartphone. The remote works from any room via radio-frequency (RF) so there’s no need to point it directly at the AC unit. It even works through walls and around corners.
  • In-wall installation1 means a direct power supply – no batteries to replace and no unsightly wires.

  • 1 Installation by a wiring professional is recommended.


  • Lower costs by not overcooling your environment.
  • Discover just where to conserve, with real-time charts and cost per aircon device.
  • Turn AC off if you forgot before leaving the house.
  • Stop cooling empty rooms. Built-in motion sensors can power down aircon once everybody leaves, or alert you via smartphone.
  • If a door or window is left open, adjust AC automatically or alert you via smartphone.2

  • Specify usage limits by room to prevent overuse.
  • Set parental controls.
  • Track historical energy use and easily export the data.
  • Reveal what’s happening INSIDE your aircon unit to optimize performance.
  • Facility managers can control costs by setting temperature limits and hours of use for every room.

  • 2 When paired with optional door/window sensor.